Walking around the Westernstar Blvd Park near our home

In-law mother Cathy and I walked with a stroller with Evie in it around the big park Westernstar Blvd Park behind the South Mountain.  I also brought Vanilla with us.  It was such a beautiful day.  Evie slept all the way (8 days old on Earth) and enjoyed little bumpy ride.   We stopped by my parents’ AZ home.  Then  my mother joined us.

Our very first Picture of the Munders with a new addition last night

Adam tried to get all family members together for the very first picture last night after we got home from the hospital.  Oktober and Vanilla were jittered and not pay attention to smartphone for the selfie picture.  It was so hard to get all together!  At the end of the failing selfie picture, we laughed about that and we will try again!