Walking around the Westernstar Blvd Park near our home

In-law mother Cathy and I walked with a stroller with Evie in it around the big park Westernstar Blvd Park behind the South Mountain.  I also brought Vanilla with us.  It was such a beautiful day.  Evie slept all the way (8 days old on Earth) and enjoyed little bumpy ride.   We stopped by my parents’ AZ home.  Then  my mother joined us.

Our very first Picture of the Munders with a new addition last night

Adam tried to get all family members together for the very first picture last night after we got home from the hospital.  Oktober and Vanilla were jittered and not pay attention to smartphone for the selfie picture.  It was so hard to get all together!  At the end of the failing selfie picture, we laughed about that and we will try again!

Vanilla and Oktober’s First Aroma of Evelyn

Adam brought Evelyn’s baby cloth and two swaddles to home next day.  Vanilla and Oktober can smell the newborn baby Evelyn before bringing her home on Sunday Dec 4th.  Unfortunately, Vanilla was completely out of control and he was so excited to see Adam again.  He scared Oktober and Oktober ran away to secure himself from the hectic Vanilla.

He was finally calmed down.  He walked toward where the newborn cloth and swaddles are, picked up them and brought them to his bed.  He smelled them closely while Oktober sit far away from him and stared at him.  I am sure they were wondering about that.


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Evelyn Lea Munder

Jacquline and Adam are happy to announce the birth of a beautiful baby girl named Evelyn Lea Munder.  She was born at 11:00 AM Friday, December 2, 2016.  Our very first family photo with Evie.


Both mom and baby are doing great after a very long labor at the Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix Hospital.  It was really rough for Jackie because she was in labor for 30 hours.  Jackie felt like 30 hours is equal to one hour.  Everything went so fast for her.  This was not how Adam felt!  We came in the hospital around 5am on Thursday December 1, 2016.  Adam’s parents found out that and changed the flight ticket to fly out to Phoenix next day.   They were originally planned to Phoenix on Dec 4th.  It was totally surprised.   Jackie’s family was already in the town and Jackie’s mom stayed with us in the delivery room the whole time.  Jackie’s concentration was gradually harder in the last 12 hours next day.  The two maternity doctors came in the delivery room and help pulled her out.  Then they put the baby on Jackie’s chest for skin-to-skin contact.  It was the golden hour.  Jackie and Adam were surprised that it was girl and we planned to name her Evelyn!  The meaning of Evelyn is “Living”.   We stayed about two hours in the delivery room.  Then we moved to a different room for post-birth staying two nights.   Adam’s parents flew in and drove out straight to the hospital visiting their 4th grandchild around 9:30 PM.  They were so excited to have another grandchild! Jackie’s mom was very excited and totally happy to have a first grandchild.

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