Our first Christmas Eve with Evelyn.

Adam and I were very excited to have Evie for our Christmas. It’s her very first Christmas! Today was very special time for all of us. 

Adam’s famous pancake

I was very thrilled to have Adam’s delicious pancake which I had not eat for several months! It was yummy and a great start to enjoy our Christmas Eve!  

Evie’s Christmas outfit and her Santa hat. 

I had so much fun dressing up Evie a cute Christmas outfit! She was cheerful and glad to wear a christmasy outfit and Santa hat for her mommy! 🙂 

Vanilla and Evie

Vanilla and Evie’s first photo together! Vanilla was having hard time to control his excitement and he wanted to cuddle and kiss her all over!! 🙂  

A nice moment with my hubby

New excited grandparent watched our Evie while Adam and I could go out and have some little fun today. We went to Trader Joe’s and got us delicious winter drinks at pomegranate cafe. His drink costs 7 dollars and mine was 6 dollars! One of most expensive coffee drinks we ever had!  AH but it’s Christmas!  (I got gingerbread latte) What a cute mini cookie I got! 

Evie and her uncle

My brother, Justin started to warm up with Evie. He likes to poke her and holds her hand. I have been wanting to take a picture of him with Evie!  Finally, there is a moment that I could take a picture of them both!  What a precious moment! ❤️

Mommy and Evie

Love watching her sleep!  I love having her sleeping in my arms.  It’s a best feeling in the whole world. 

Christmas craft with my family 

Adam and I went to cafe today and saw cute wood slice ornaments and they cost 14 dollars a each.  Ouch! 

We were like,” oh! Why don’t we make them at home! Because I found lots of wood sticks from our next door.  

So Adam sawed them into pieces. We did some fun this evening.  We created our very own wood ornaments.  Adam did the fox one. I painted penguin and 2016. My dad and mom did theirs too! They are not completed yet! We need to be able to hang them on the Christmas tree! 

Oh deer! Other Christmas outfit for Evie

My aunt, Crystal made her this outfit.  Looks great on her! 

Introducing Pacifier to Evie

Apparently Evie really likes pacifier!  

Wrapping up our Christmas Eve with family photos! 

The Fields Family

Proud grandparents

The Fields and Munder family 

First attempt with our furry animals. Vanilla refused to cooperate with us. 😂

2nd attempt! 

3rd attempt- it’s all best we could do! Proud of my little family! 🙂 

Wish you all Merry Christmas Eve!