Camping out by myself with two dogs at the Supersitition Mountain

I planned to camp out for two nights at the Supersitition mountain on the weekend of March 11th by myself.   However it was too mucy for me.  The plan was changed since I wanted to go to my friend’s 2nd birthday party on Saturday morning.   I did only for one night.  It was such a fun for me hiking out with two dogs.  One dog is mine and another couple’s dog I babysitted.  It was really nice and relaxed by myself at the same time I really miss my wife and new daughter.  Two weeks without them was really hard on me.  I asked my wife not to do that again.  I totally understand many families and friends want to visit new baby Evie.  

Before going out for camping, I went Kalviz’s 2nd birthday party, a son of my friend.  It was a fun birthday party!  I really enjoyed and I oversaw kids’ joyous birthday party!   I also love great brat.  It’s Canadian grilling style.  Some people said that’s deaf hot dogs because of little over cooked hot dogs.  I dont mind and i love burnt tasting crispy.

Before I leave from the Supersitition mountain, I happened to be seeing my neighbor and a co-worker I work with at Intel when I got up in the early morning.  I saw them climbing all the way upon one of supersitition mountains!  It wa really amazing to see them.