One Month Old Evie!

 Fields family left back to NC in the morning from our house.   They stayed with us for one full month and did really help us lot.  

Love candid photo. 

Third generation photo

It was really hard on us when they left. We are very blessed to have a such wonderful family who loves us very much.  (Both sides- Munder and Fields family ❤️) 

Evie’s first hike

We relaxed at home most of day and then we hiked about 2 miles upon South Mountain with Vanilla and Evie. It was such a beautiful day!  Well it was a bit gloomy like a cloudy cold day in midwestern world.  It was more excited for us than anyone who lived in Arizona. 

One month old photos of Evie

It’s very hard to believe she’s already 1 month old!  Meeting Evie for first time was best feeling in the whole world. It was an unforgettable moment for me and daddy.  

Dear Evie,

You brings us a such great joy! 

I could not forget my first moment when I held you in my arm!! I was over the moon when I saw you. – your mom ❤️ 

Now you are beautiful 1 month old! You are so tall for your age. Your height is 95% above the average with all of other babies in the whole wide world!  How cool is it!? 🙂 Just like your daddy!  He’s 6’3. You both are so much alike! 

You are really strong too. You like to push your legs against me and try to stand up while we held you under your armpits. Your neck is developing really quick. You are able to keep your head up on your own for brief time. We believe you will be so strong like your mommy! 🙂 

We are looking forward to see more of your laughs and smiles coming this month!  Love you tons! ❤️💕. 

With love,

Your mommy and Daddy. 

Nothing bundt cake

We got red velvet cake for Evelyn to celebrate her 1 month old.  It’s our excuse to eat this delicious cake! Haha 

Evie attempted to blow candle on her one month birthday with Mommy’s help!!!

We love you Evelyn ❤️.