Adam’s Recommended Books in 2016

​Best books I read in 2016.  I highly recommended them.  Some are briefs below:

-“The More of Less” book talks about owning less, decluttering your excessive things, giving yourself so much freedom and pursuing your dream path.

-“Glow Kids” book is a very fascinating book.  As you wonder about kids nonstop staring at glowing screens in restaurants, in playgrounds and in friends’ houses, even though at dinner table.  Then that’s the book you should read.

-“The Second Machine Age” book written by two MIT professors talks about issues of technological and economic progress how we are along with Artifical Intelligence revolution and wiping out millions of blue-collar jobs for people.  We must be optimistic about the future and how we face that.

-“Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage” book is one of great adventure stories of our time. It is about the expedition team surived in another world of cold, wet, icy and filled with fear, exhaustion and hunger.  I think every great business leaders must read this book.  Ernest Shackleton the explorer made many perfect moves to rescue his full team at the end.  Nobody died.  That is amazing.

-“SevenEves” is a brillant scientific fiction book.  Well I would say it is close enough to real, not just an ordinarily scientific fiction like Star Wars, etc.  The story itself is about a catastrophic event on earth and nations around the globe work together to make a plan to ensure the survival of humanity far beyond our atmosphere.  And there is also an unexpected story at the end.

-“The Future of The Mind” book talks about our latest and current research on the human brain being done in top laboratories around the world all in neuroscience and physics.