Happy New Year 2017!!!

Jackie and Adam were planning to go out with friends for New Year Eve.  However we decided to spend time with Jackie’s family before they leave to NC on Jan 2nd.     We went out to Nello’s restaurant ordering two large pizzas – Classic Europe and BBQ chicken.  It was a fun evening!

Thanks go to Jackie’s brother for blocking Evie in the family picture above.  So we took another one with Evie.

After the restaurant, we came back home for social and we played with Evie. Then Adam was serious playing the “Uncharted 4” game on PS4 that Jackie’s brother got it for Christmas present.

Vanilla was very jealous of Evie.  He tried to be cutier than Evie.  She got all attentions on the social media, Facebook, for Happy New Year message.

We had such a fun and Happy New Year to everyone!!!