Visiting Christmas town in Arizona

December 26th – visiting Prescott, Arizona

We decided to do a day trip with Evie and her grandparents and uncle Justin to see some snow for Christmas! 

I have learned that northern Arizona was having a white Christmas while we got a wet Christmas in Phoenix.  

Adam and I decided that would be great idea to visit Prescott since it’s closer and beautiful during Christmas. They have wonderful Christmas lights setting up in the town.  

Actually it was a best decision that we have made. We had a lovely time! We walked on the snow, dined at raven cafe, tasted mead wine in the basement and enjoyed our coffee in the cold snowy day!  We saw Christmas lights lit in the evening before we departed!  It was a good day with Evie.  She did really well with her crazy parents!  Preparing her for more craziness and excitements upcoming adventures in the future! 

Every year- Arizonan decorated this tree in the middle of highway roads. Loving the spirit! 

The cute mini snowman

Prescott the Christmas town

Selfie with Evie 

Adam  and the empty stroller. 😂

Papa  and uncle Justin 

My new awesome Patagonia hat! Found in hiking store.  Matching Adam’s hat.

Headless snowman. Umm 😐 

Kids play in the snow. 

Bye Prescott! See u next time!