Christmas Day

Christmas Morning!!!

I  got up in the early morning and made a big breakfast – French Toast with baked bacon for my amazing wife and daughter. Yes I am very talented in making breakfast..   Jackie and Evie were still sleeping while I was preparing the breakfast.  I knew Jackie was exhausted from getting up few times with Evie during night. After they got up, we ate breakfast together.  
Look at the photo! My typical morning wild hair! Evie wore a cute outfit for Christmas! 

Christmas Socks/gifts  for Evie, Vanilla and Oktober from their lovely parent. 

Opening Christmas presents

Grandparents and Justin joined after our time together in the morning. 

A great gift ever for Vanilla

Our two couple neighbor who know ASL stopped by our house and said Merry Christmas to us.  They gave us Christmas brittle parline (yummy!) and also offered to take Vanilla out to their house to meet his best friend for play date.  They have a golden retriever dog named Chief.  Vanilla had such a fun playing with Chief at their house.  They sent us the picture of them.  We think that was Vanilla’s best Christmas present ever.  They jumped in the pool few times! Yikes! 

Christmas Day Evening

Cathy Jackie’s mom made brown sugar Ham with mashed potato and green bean casserole.  We drank and socialized for the whole evening. I was napping all afternoon!  Nice break! 

New gift for Jackie – Telescope

 Jackie was so serious about finding some planets and stars out in the space with her new telescope.  She didnt find anything yet.  (Venus or mars were visible) (image was blurry due to bad visible in the atmosphere). Too bad!  Jackie needs to learn how to adjust her new telescope.  Waiting for moon to come out then it will be easy to practice with her new telescope. 

 Steve (father in law) and I made a fireplace outside by the pool.  The outside was a bit cold at night with really dry air.

Evie’s new play area.  Really helpful with dog around.  

More pics from Christmas Day for u to enjoy. 

Thanks Carly and James (her aunt and uncle) 

Early Christmas Family Celebration

The Fields family visited Jackie and Adam in Phoenix, Arizona and stayed with us for 10 days. Jackie and I won’t be around with the families on Christmas Evening and Christmas Day. We will be in Chile at that time. The Fields family grabbed time with us before we head to a most south part of the world – Chile. Yes it is very close to Antarctica and only few hours away between the those two lands.


We celebrated Christmas on the Friday evening of December 10. We had ham, mashed patato and green beans for dinner. The dinner was delicious. Few drinks. Then we all opened some early Christmas presents.

Our favorite present from Cathy and Steve is a giant quilt. The theme is pool. The quilt was truly handcrafted by Cathy for six months!!!


Oktober the cat jumped onto the quilt and he seemed to be so comfortable sitting with us. Obviously he loves the new quilt!

In the early day, Jackie and I were at work. Vanilla and Oktober slept on the couch at home waiting for Jackie and Adam come back home. Cathy took the picture of this.


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